The Howth Peninsula, with its picturesque harbour, lighthouses, walks, martello towers, as well as portal burial place, offers spectacular scenic views over Dublin Bay. In pre-Christian times the Celtic people called this peninsula ‘Ben Edar’– the mountain or hill of Edar– possibly after a chieftain of the Tuatha De Danann.

There has actually also been supposition that the name Benn na Edar, has an ecological beginning significance ‘hills of the oaks’. It was the Danes, however that initially utilized the name ‘hoved’ meaning head, and also throughout the years this came to be Howth.

The Howth Peninsula is greatly shielded under the Howth SAAO, this consists of Ireland’s Eye (28 hectares), the heathland, timbers, high cliffs and woody suburbs of the south-eastern fifty percent of the peninsula (519 hectares) and a 21 kilometer network of civil liberties of-way as public walkways.